Express Services

Handers Courier Services is a company dedicated to providing a top quality courier service, and by working closely with all our clients, we are able to provide a quality service that is not only efficient, but affordable to businesses and individuals across the UK.
Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Urgent Same Day Couriers
  • Carrier Express Service - Central London
  • Economy Same Day Couriers
  • Next Day Delivery Services
  • International Courier
  • Medical Courier Services
  • Technical Courier Services

For urgent same day deliveries, we understand that only dedicated couriers will do. We promise that when you request an urgent dedicated delivery, our couriers will collect and deliver your goods with the fastest possible service. We also offer maximum flexibility on all deliveries, we are ready for last minute changes and are able to make adjustments to routes and couriers' schedules to suit our clients needs. Our couriers are on call through the night waiting for an urgent tender to be finished by a client for a dedicated same day delivery.

Carrier Express Service for London

Due to the new Central London charges, we would like to offer you our new Carrier Express Service, which will give you the opportunity to send a small parcel up to 25 Kilos in weight, into Central London at half the cost, the qualifying areas for the Carrier Express Service are as follows:


AREA (1) NW1 / N1 / W1 / WC1 / WC2 / EC1 / EC4
AREA (2) EC2 / EC3 / SW1 / SE1 / E1 / E2

Each consignment will be at cost + VAT.  The cut off time for collections will be 12:00 Noon.  There will be no order in which the parcels are delivered, we will only guarantee all deliveries will be delivered by 17:00 hours.

We hope that you can use this the Express Service to your advantage.

Handers Delivering Peace Of Mind

For peace of mind, for same day deliveries, we will also provide you with instant confirmation of collection and delivery as it happens via telephone or email. Our door to door courier service can also provide you with a hard copy proof of delivery via fax, post or email.